Admissions to the Year 1 of
Independent Polish Nobel Laureates
High School in Krakow
in the academic year 2019/20


The School Admissions Code
Admission Requirements

General Statements

  1. Students are accepted to the school on the basis of: admission interview, results of final exams scores (Graduate Record Examinations) and marks obtained in both - semester I and end - of - year, in either middle school Year 3 or primary school Year 8
  2. An appointment for the interview is made with a school office by a parent or a legal guardian
  3. There is a possibility of receiving Academic Achievement Scholarship

Required Documents:

  1. Completed Admission Form to be accepted to school for the academic year 2019/2020
  2. Confirmed and issued by school, that was attended, a record of marks obtained for semester I (Transcript)
  3. The original of Graduate Middle School Record (submitted after the end of a school year)
  4. Graduate Record Examinations issued by Okręgowa Komisja Egzaminacyjna
  5. Official Copy of Birth Certificate
  6. A document confirming a PESEL number e.g a copy of passport
  7. Information about learning difficulties and health problems issued by Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Services (Poradnia Psychologiczno – Pedagogiczna)
  8. 4 current photos signed on a reverse side
  9. Signed by parents ‘A Contract for Education’

The documents can be submitted to the school office from 19 November 2018 until all places will have been filled.

 Conditions need to be met to apply to the Year 1:

  1. positive result of admission interview where a candidate presents their interests, achievements, community service activity and motivation to apply to the school
  2. the Head’s conversation with parents or legal guardians
  3. at least good behaviour mark and good student’s academic performance marks, either in middle or primary school, for semester I and for the end of the academic year, and Graduate Record Examinations
  4. payment of registration fee following the information about being accepted to the school
  5. Laureates and finalists of thematic subjects are not charged registration fee.


for students who start school in the academic year 2019/2020:

  1. School fee – 1000 PLN per month
  2. Registration fee (paid once) – 1000 PLN (for middle school graduates)
  3. Registration fee (paid once) – 1200 PLN (for primary school graduates)