'The Nobel Prize' he is the highest prize granted to students, who grow their interests, acquire knowledge with passion and achieve success which can be measured with both - school grades and what is even more important beyond them.

Students granted with 'The Nobel Prize' receive special diplomas created by a Cracovian artist. A special 'Nobel Prize' (Personality) is received by a student who stands out with his or her behaviour, attitude and personality features. Such a person also receives a yearly scholarship.

The Prize Award Ceremony takes place at the end of the school year. The decision to choose the winner is made by the Board of Teachers.

The tradition of the 'The Nobel Prize' reaches back to the beginnings of our school. Initially, we proffered the "Oscars". At the end of the jubilee year 2006/2007, when we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the school, in connection to its name, we awarded students with 'The Nobel Prize' and it has been the official name since then.

Since the year 2013/14 ‘Little School Scientist’ has been granted as a new category to which only 0-3 year students can be nominated. In middle school – “Middle School Scientist’ is going to be given, a category which unites Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. This award is given independently to a title “Naturalist” awarded to 4-6 year students.

The students awarded "The Nobel Prizes" in the school year 2017/18
Junior English philologist – Weronika Załuska 3a
Senior English philologist – Oliwia Śliwińska 6a
Little Scientist – Jan Migacz 3a
German philologist – Julia Sałustowicz 3g
Historian – Mikołaj Cyganek 2gb
IT Specialist – Jakub Migacz 7a
Person of Letters – Gabriela Kapral 2gb
Mathematician – Maciej Laszczak 3g
Musician – Oliwia Śliwińska 6a
Artist – Pola Okoń 3a
Artist – Marcelina Kosiorowska 6a
Naturalist – Maja Płazak 4a
Naturalist – Jan Wiążewski 5a
Spanish philologist – Gabriela Kapral 2gb
Sportsperson – Borys Klinowski 3a
Sportsperson – Róża Konarska 2gb
Personality – Eryk Widowski 2gb